During my 8 years buying menswear, I learnt a thing or two about how I would (and wouldn't) want to run a business; it really all comes down to this - be nice and be honest. To everyone. Always.

With a Product Development & Buying career, background in Textiles and a degree in Promotion & Marketing, creating and showcasing desirable product has always been at the centre of what I do. So when it came to going it alone, product was inevitably my starting point... I like to think if I get that bit right, everything else falls into place (with a little nudge here and there!). 

Aside from my professional background, I have always loved an adventure and that child-like sense of wonder when I visit a new place is a feeling I never want to lose. My husband and I have been exploring Iceland for the past 10 years, and are now lucky enough to share some of our favourite spots with our own little explorer. I always say it feels like arriving home when we land in Keflavik; Iceland will always have a piece of my heart.

And so Barnabjörn (pronounced Barna-'b-y-OH-n') was born, shortly after the arrival of our own Barnabjörn or 'baby bear' in Icelandic. 

This little brand culminates all my experience to create handmade modern Scandi children's décor and eco-friendly toys for families who, like us, are inspired by the natural world and have an instinctive sense of adventure. Whether you're searching for that unique heirloom gift for a new baby, or for Nordic inspired nursery accessories that will stand the test of time, integrity, sustainability and durability are at our heart. 

To respect and preserve the landscapes that inspire our brand, I aim to reduce its impact on the environment whenever and wherever we can (find out how here). My founding ethos was to be 'all-natural' and one of the joys of handmade products is that I can say with confidence there is absolutely zero plastic in any of our products or packaging. What's more, I am proud to say that we actively support the reforesting projects funded by Ecologi, by planting one tree for every order placed. 

Put simply, when you buy from Barnabjörn you are supporting a dream, my dream, of sustaining my own family by creating a little piece of joy for yours. And all the while being kind to the planet we love. 

Thank you for being here, and I hope you love what we have to offer as much as I do!

Megan Lovesey